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All You Must Know About Software Defined And Wide Area Networks If there’s one thing that’s always true regarding technology, well it is the fact that it’s constantly in motion. As our world becomes more connected globally, it creates a significant need for continuous advancements in technology. Among the ways to which this technology is affecting both individuals and businesses is to how networking happens. At one time, it’s possible to take care much of networking needs through SDN or Software Defined Networking. Despite the fact that SDN does offer plenty of benefits those that are using it, the network that’s now in use is no longer localized and should be able to go on globe. Which is the same reason why it is going to be an advantage for SDN to extend to being a WAN or Wide Area Network. With this, it enables it to span through a bigger geographical area and tie more than just one LAN together. Those WANs are usually tied together via public networks, which include cable or telephone system. Making use of leased lines and satellites is also possible to tie a wide area network. And one most notable example of WAN to which many of us are using every single day is none other than the internet.
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But the fact that it does not follow much growth within a network is another known issue with SDN. There is a chance that these local networks become rigid in its performance and they don’t adapt to changes very well. If you attempt removing protocols that are in place into this type of networking and set up a standard set of APIs, there is a chance to control elements of network and enable for smart decisions that have to be made in the network itself. As a matter of fact, this is opening up the network on global scale.
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Just before you consider implementing any kind of networking, regardless whether it is wide area network or software defined network or even a combination of two, it is vitally important to consider the possible impact that it will create on your business. You must be patient enough since it will take time before you see the results even though SDN may be worth of initial investment. You have to consider both the long term and short term benefits of being able to control your network via local software. At the same time, you may look for some ways on how to implement local software on wide area network so by that, you can still stay connected while maintaining sense of control as well.