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Great Car Rental Tips

Sometimes all you need during a trip is flexibility and convenience. Car rental guarantees this freedom. However, renting a car can also be a cause of headache for you during the trip. Before entering into any car rental deal, it is highly advisable that you get a clear understanding of the agreement terms. Inspect the car beforehand for quality to avoid incidences on the road. We will give you risk proof tips to guide your next car rental engagement.

Choosing the car

Make time to go over the car that you will require. Consider the number of people on the journey, age brackets, and the days of travel. The nature of activities that you will participate in and surroundings of your travel are important considerations. In the event that you are traveling with children or carrying loads of luggage, a SUV or a large Sedan is a perfect choice. Be realistic about your money situation. Consider getting a small and fuel-efficient car model if you would like to cut costs on gas and rental.

Rental car booking

If you are driven by reputation, check out international booking agencies. You can also find local rentals that can offer extremely good rates. Scan through different car rental websites and compare rates and terms. Different industry websites have reviews that will give you an insight into the credibility and customer care of the renter. Ask for discounts for large national organizations to help you cut costs. Enrol in a rewards program already if you are not a member yet. Many car rental companies have member perks through their loyalty membership programs such AAA or AARP. Before booking go through these memberships, you might just get a great deal. Do not hire a car at the airport. Since they have captive audience they are likely to charge more.

Availability of insurance

Study the insurance options available for you before getting into a car rental agreement. Chances are your auto insurance policy can still cover personal liability and collision damage when using a rental car temporarily. It is good to check if the credit card you’re using has a cover before purchasing an extra policy. If it’s not included, let your car rental credit card be attached to the coverage.

Making reservations

Many people have a challenge with keeping within the rental period requirements. Avoid returning the car late. Agree on the pick up period in the rental terms. It may sound like waste of money but it is always advisable to reserve the car for longer than you require it. Negotiate on the rental terms, you might end up with a minivan at the price of a small car. Prepayments tend to be more convenient and cheaper than post-payments. You could save up to $30 or more if you choose a prepaid plan.
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